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Clair de Lune Boa x Andrea

September 15, 2018

Summer is still not over….now is the best time to buy a swimsuit that you wanted for a lower price… Clair de Lune

Live by the Sun,

Love by the Moon.


Long time, no see…but I’m back! I think September is the perfect month to go on the beach and the sea side. Less people, less crowds, cleaner sea and more relaxing areas.

Besides the bikinis, I adore to wear one-piece swimsuits. I don’t like to sunbathe in them, because of the stripes on my body, but I love to wear them when the sun goes down. I think one-piece swimsuits are perfect for summer evenings or boats nights.


In this post I’m wearing BOA by Clair de Lune one-piece swimsuit, that now you can catch on sale. Clair de Lune is a brand from Pula (my hometown) for swimwear made with love by two amazing girls. They are known for their personalized bikinis (Clair de Lune Arsia x Andrea), and I’m sure that they will surprise us with more cool stuff! So, check them out!

Btw, the hat is from Asos… you welcome! ?


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Love, A.

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